Nexon Mobile is known for MMORPG and lately, it partnered with another video game developer to establish DomiNations. Big Huge Games and Nexon worked together on this legendary new strategy game that’ll require you build your country into an empire, to construct wonders of the world, and lead the world to be conquered by enemies. All you need to do is pick a country from conquer opponent Coalitions and the biggest cultures.

It is possible to be the most effective leader in the world. Control the states, amass more rewards, assemble units of distinct countries from the Greeks, Japanese, French, Chinese, Germans, British, as well as the Romans, and get more special powers. It’s possible for you to experience becoming that ruler who will improve human history by unlocking technologies.

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1. Explore


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Your settlement is surrounded by a wilderness of woods, when you start out. Each section of the woods may be cleared away to reveal huntable animals, chests of gold historical ruins which provide summits! As you advance into the iron age and beyond, you will unlock a lot of buildings that are new to build that may leave your town feeling crunched that are growing on space. So it is best to plan ahead to give yourself lots of room to build — which helps a ton when you eventually decide to reorganize.

2. Expand


Image Credit : Nexon

Assemble new houses whenever they become available, as your citizen count raises by this and 2 lets you do more things simultaneously. The more citizens you find a way to keep busy at once, the quicker your city will enlarge. Yet keep in your mind if every citizen is busy then that can stop you from upgrading walls or hunting animals.

3. Crush


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Each time you log in mine your mines if they’re available and recall to hunt creatures. These are a nice steady supply of resources, but more importantly, they drop Rare things like Pelt, Leather, and Metal that power your Mercenary Camp and Temple. A gathering blessing can be activated by you from your Temple to get 20 percent boost to such activities.

4. Combat


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Generals have long understood the edge of combined arms in war. Each unit is not weak against some kinds of scenarios but weak against others, which means the best militaries will soon be composed. Choose a theme and form your military around it!

5. Raid


Image Credit: Nexon

Raiding other players is the absolute fastest way to get resources. Players are inclined to settle on a favorite army that fits their playstyle. You may also use a couple of heavy infantry to pick off outlying resource collectors; you can occasionally get a great return on your investment, although again, you won’t win.

6. Construct

Construct a library in age that is ancient and remember to keep it active and updated. A strong technological advantage gives your city a distinct advantage in offense, defense, and market.


Image Credit: Dominations

7. Upgrade

Your blacksmith is one of the very best buildings to update instantly after advancing an age. It gives new unit upgrades, which let you field more strong troops to raid your opponents for more resources to afford the rest of the upgrades you would like to buy.

8. Defense

Building a fortress in medieval period not only functions as a defensive structure that is powerful, but it lets you train renowned historic generals like Cleopatra and Alexander the Great. They’re tough, hard-hitting units that are great for leading the charge to the enemy base.

9. Hire Mercenaries


Image Credit : Nexon

To further strengthen your strikes, you can add your military and mercenaries. These troops that are temporary additionally do not count against your routine troop limitation, and only last for one assault, but are much more powerful than regular troops.

10. Strategize

Blessings at the Temple in many cases are overlooked by players, but supply exceptionally strong bonuses that were temporary like 30-percent troop hitpoints. These however, so frequently you can find demanding tradeoffs to pick between price the trade goods that are same as your mercenaries — is it worth more to bring a war elephant mercenary in your next attack, or would you need 20-percent hitpoints for each of your defensive buildings? The choice will change depending on your circumstance.


Image Credit: Nexon

11. Cooperate

Try to join an Alliance that is active at which you are able to get troop donation requests filled instantaneously. Nearly as important, try to choose an Alliance with a wide variety of Countries, in order to take advantage of an assortment of units that are unique from those States.

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